Physical therapy for work injury rehabilitation.

Being injured on the job can make a huge impact on your life. Not only is there a physiological effect of getting hurt while doing something you do every day, but an injury can also affect financial stability and pride in your work. 

The goal of physical therapy after a workplace injury is to help the patient heal, optimize work performance, and minimize the risk of reinjury with the help of education and effective treatment plans. 

By intervening with a work injury early on with physical therapy services, things like opioid abuse, long-term disability, and depression can be avoided. Work injury rehab is essential to reduce detrimental effects on the neuromusculoskeletal system due to physical inactivity. 

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The best way to get back to work is to get moving!

A work injury can be anything from an acute sprain or strain, a ligament tear, chronic soft tissue trauma from repetitive activity, lacerations, and broken bones. Like traditional physical therapy, we will work on recovery first by restoring normal strength, range, and function and then help to prepare you to get back to work

If the patient isn’t ready to return to work in the disability duration, a work conditioning or work hardening program may be required.

Don’t let a work-related injury set you back. 

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With evidence-based, individualized treatment plans and accessible training equipment, our patients can recover, rebuild, and revitalize.