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Sports medicine differs a little bit from general physical therapy in that it is focused more on pain resulting from a particular sport or can help with injury prevention. Our sports therapists and clinicians are highly trained and are ready to get you back to winning.

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Whether you’ve injured yourself playing a sport or want to get stronger to be more adept in your sport in order to avoid injury, we can help. Our sports therapists provide one-on-one care and will build a personalized and effective program for you to follow in our clinic and at home.

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Live life pain-free.

Sports therapy and personal training sessions can help immensely with injury prevention. When your muscles and body are stronger to perform the activities of your particular sport, there is less chance of ligament tears, cartilage damage, and even broken bones. Pain relief is in reach and can be managed by concentrating on developing certain muscles and quality sports medicine.

Strong pain. Close up of a male leg being shown to the doctor during medical checkup

Sports therapy services and treatment methods can also minimize the following resulting from sports injuries:

Back pain

Neck pain

Knee pain

Ankle Pain

Shoulder pain

Elbow pain

Your health is your wellness.

Come meet some of our caring, skilled, physical therapists. It’s time to care for your well-being and get you back in the game.

We accept most insurance programs and provide affordable cash pay options.
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Rehabilitation is in reach.

With evidence-based, individualized treatment plans and accessible training equipment, our patients can recover, rebuild, and revitalize.