Post-OP Physical Therapy Near Rio Del Mar, CA

Physical therapy is critical when healing after surgery. Certain exercises and treatments help speed up recovery and will help you return to normal activity stronger. 

The main goal of post-surgery rehabilitation or post-operative recovery and rehabilitation is to follow evidence-based protocol guidelines to strengthen muscles around the injury and get the patient back to full mobility and full range of motion safely.

Rehabilitation leads to restoration. 

Working with a physical therapist after surgery will help with the body’s natural healing process by utilizing soft tissue and joint mobilizations, exercises, and modalities to help safely restore normal strength and range of motion.

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Benefits of Physical Therapy

Promote safe recovery along with protocol guidelines

Regain mobility and flexibility

Reduce swelling

Avoid long term scar tissue restrictions

Increase strength

Improve patient’s well-being

Support pain management while preventing chronic pain issues

Reduce risk for postoperative pulmonary complications (PCCs) and re-injury

Our post-op physical therapy services in Rio Del Mar, CA are tailored to meet your individual recovery needs. Whether you’ve had a minor or major surgery, our trained, skilled, compassionate therapists will help you get back to physical activity. We’ve helped our patients with post-operative rehabilitation from the following procedures:

Joint replacements for the shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, and ankle
Arthroscopic surgical procedures for the shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, and ankle
Spinal fusion, decompression, and disc replacement surgeries
And more!

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Pacific Coast Therapists Promise

Let us help you on your road to recovery. We provide you with the best possible physical therapy services while you are here in the clinic and then send you home with a detailed, evidence-based treatment plan. 

We accept most insurance programs and provide affordable cash pay options.
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Rehabilitation is in reach.

With evidence-based, individualized treatment plans and accessible training equipment, our patients can recover, rebuild, and revitalize. For top-quality post-operative physical therapy in Rio Del Mar, CA, choose Pacific Coast Therapists.