Physical Therapy Services for Watsonville and Surrounding Areas

The ideal goal of physical therapy is to accurately identify the musculature, skeletal, neurological, or movement dysfunction that is causing your pain, and then help restore function with the use of manual therapy, appropriate exercise, and education to help avoid recurring pain. Rehabilitation, range of motion, and strength training can be achieved with the right therapeutic program provided by a skilled physical therapist. 

Luckily, that’s what we’re experts at. 

By consistently participating in treatment sessions specially designed to address your dysfunction and following through with a specialized at-home program, you will be on your way to returning to you again.

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We specialize in the following:

Some other ailments we address include: TMJ Dysfunction, Vestibular (inner ear) Dysfunction, Balance and Deconditioning, treatment for upper extremity injury and disorders.

Why choose us?

Our clinicians truly care about your journey to total wellness and strive to provide meaningful, evidence-based treatments. When you work with Pacific Coast Therapists, you are working with a family-owned, local clinic that prides itself on recruiting highly-skilled therapists.

Excellent patient care is our promise. 

PT services to improve your quality of life. 

We accept most insurance programs and provide affordable cash pay options.
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Integrative Evidence-Based Physical Therapy • Skilled and Caring Physical Therapists • The Right Equipment

As a local, private, family-owned physical therapy practice, we value our entire community and families. This is why we continue to accept as many insurance programs and plans as possible.

Referrals are required by insurance carriers, however, please contact us to discuss treatment options and prices if you do not have insurance.

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